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1H2017 Review


I've been on an eating spree straight after SCKLM 2017. And I'm talking about the good stuff, oily, spicy and lots of it. Maybe it's because I'm genuinely hungry and need all of that food in. Or maybe, subconciously because Ramadhan is near (which explained the food choices). Didn't run at all and did some short swim to move the legs/exercise. I'm just gonna take the week off. Anyway, before the next training block I would like to see how I did. I semi-decided on doing a 100k ultra after Ironman Langkawi 2016. But, I did decide to try and sub 4 SCKLM 2017. After some fun days in the mountains early in training, I was convinced and was set. I needed something challenging/new in the 2nd half of 2017 anyways. This resulted in a pretty mixed training schedule and also results.

Training Summary

1) The goal was to try and run ~60km per week with an average elevation of ~1,000 per week. Stats:

Training Weeks : 26 weeks (27 November 2016 - 21 May 2017)
Goal Avg. Mileage : ~ 60 km/week
Goal Avg. Elevation : ~ 1,000 m/week

Average Mileage : 57.7 km/week
Average Elevation : 854.5 m/week
Average Duration : 6:39:58 h:m:s/week
Max mileage : 80.3 km/week
Max Elevation : 2,974 m
Max Duration : 11:22:38 h:m:s/week
Cumulative Mileage : 1,501.25 km
Cumulative Elevation : 22,217 m
Cumulative Duration : 173:19:07 h:m:s

                        Training Review

                        2) Base training went on until week 16 and started to do the fast stuff week 17.  At week 15, managed the best long training run in terms of pace which coincidently was the highest (max) mileage I ever did. Week 20, felt a little shitty and decided to spend a week more to recover only to feel better a few weeks after. Probably forced a lot of running in this period because almost every session felt sluggish. Tried to maintain 60km/week after week 16.

                        3) I probably dropped the mileage a little too drastically after week 16 to compensate for the increased intensity. The fast stuff were actually short (beginner/entry level speed and tempo workout) and probably could've gradually reduced the mileage. Rests do enhance performance. My best days occur after a short rest followed by a big week. It seems that KOKK was something I needed to sort of kick start the peaking process for SCKLM 17. Actually felt pretty good going in the final week of SCKLM17 which is a sign that maybe there is a thing as too much rest. But the prolonged shitty period around week 20 was probably because of the cumulative fatigued and not enough rest.

                        4) As far as time is concerned, going into trail takes at least half a day. This is something I need to carefully plan in the future. But you get that vert and time on the trail/actual terrain which is necessary. It also takes a toll on the body since I probably went a little too hard on some of these climbs which probably explained the intenste fatigue experienced around week 11 and also after week 16. I could've probably used the time and be more specific with my marathon training like running long instead of going vert. But hours out on the trails are more fun.

                        5) But still, in terms of time spent (per week), it was still less than what I was averaging during Ironman training which was around 14hours per week. Speaking of Ironman, I probably manage to cope with the beginning part of training because of the conditioning from training for an Ironman. I wasn't out of it (training) too much after Ironman.

                        6) I was kind of obsessed with vert because I know it was something I haven't trained for before and will feature a lot in ultras. I was running mostly flat/low elevation type of terrain previously. I enjoyed the mountains so much so that I probably over did it. I also took the opportunity to recce places where I could train for TMBT once I decided that I would try a 100k in 2H2017:

                        G. Datuk - Good when balik kampung and wanting to get some vert in.
                        G. Angsi via Ulu Bendul - Going to feature a lot in 2H2017. Love the descent and less people.
                        G. Datuk + G. Gagak + G. Rembau - Fun but won't be training here much.
                        G. Nuang - Always a favourite. Marked for 2H2017.
                        G. Berembun + G. Telapak Buruk - Marked for 2H2017. Quite runnable and less people.
                        Trans Angsi (Angsi via Ulu Bendul + B. Putus) - Plenty of variation. Marked for 2H2017.
                        Trans Nuang - No brainer. Also marked for 2H2017.

                        Training/Racing Comments

                        7) Basically the first half of 2017 was mainly about finishing an ultra (50ks) and training for SCKLM 2017. Also had some races to get use to the competitive environment which for me was a good way to go beyond what I can do in training. Finished my first 50km and manage to get on the podium for my 2nd which was pretty cool but only to fall short by about 9 minutes at SCKLM 2017. 1H2017 Races:

                        March 2017 GNU 2017 : 50km, 7:35:15
                        April 2017 HLTR 2017 : 17km, 1:45:16
                        May 2017 KOKK 2017 : 50km, 6:46:36
                        May 2017 SCKLM 2017 : 42.2km, 4:09:17

                        8) I did however manage to increase my cadence at roughly 170spm so it's not entirely about race results. Cramps has lessen and I feel a lot better running long. I manage to run long consistently every week for around 2 hrs or 20km. Ran 30km long run for the first time in this training block and did my first ultra/longest/highest run ever without any major issue. So a lot of positives there. I would also include doing track workouts in training, varying core/strengthening routine, trying out massages as an achievement because I've never tried them before and they could/would feature in the next training block.

                        9) Regardless of the positives/ahievements, I didn't meet my training goal (came close tho) of averaging 60km/week and 1000m of elevation. I felt I could've done better and it was something tangible, so it kind of left a bitter taste in the mouth. I am going to try to at least hit & maintain the numbers I aim for next time.

                        Future Plans

                        9) Register tune up races (CULTRA 2017 50k & TMMT 2017 70k). Check. Register "A" Race (TMBT 2017 100k). Check. Logistics TMBT. Pending.

                        10) Diet was my main weakness. Couldn't be consistent with a good energy rich/healthy diet. I put it down to a mixture of laziness on my part and lack of choice. I need to come up with a plan and try to be consistent eating good stuff. But curbing my appetite for those good stuff is also going to take some effort.

                        11) I feel like I'm in the 30km region in terms of comfortable running which is quite ok because I don't plan to run over that distance in training. Legs still need some strengthening as exposed on those hills/vert in races.

                        12) By the look of it, I can take in quite considerable amount of mileage but with planned rest. This is quite comforting as I plan to increase my average weekly mileage and peak mileage. I'm also considering double days, back to back days and longer long runs. Track session will continue and I'll be going to spend a lot of time in the trail (duh).

                        13) I don't think I will insert rests that are too long (either planned or forced) since it will take a while for me to get back to it. However, for me, when I overdid training, fatigue was only felt during low/rest week and it took another week to sort of build up again which explained the extended sluggish feeling. This was the main take away I learned in this training block and one that I often ignore. Tapering for TMBT will be a challenge.

                        14) Going to come up with a plan for the 2H2017 and incorporate what I've experienced in racing and also training. For now going to take it easy and prepare for Ramadhan.

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